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Aesthetic prosthesis

Aesthetic prosthesis is a modern and effective way to restore healthy dentition in the absence of one or more teeth. Prosthetics-it’s a complex procedure. The main challenge facing the doctor is to choose the design of the prosthesis, which not only can replace missing teeth, but will also keep available.

1 289We want to draw attention to the fact that the prosthetics have to do in a timely manner, do not hesitate to “pigeonhole” and leaving for a long time, because the absence of teeth already leads to unwholesome food razzhevyvaniju, and as a consequence of disruption of chewing, and, consequently, violation of the stomach and intestines. Prosthetics will help eliminate such trouble maintaining your smile beautiful and vibrant health.

Orthopaedic treatment helps to fully recreate all functional and aesthetic denture options and deals with problems related to partial or total loss of teeth. Thanks to the rapid development of modern technology, today we offer our patients a wide choice of options restore partially or completely lost teeth. There is nothing impossible for us, and even in the most difficult cases, we can offer you highly professional dental care and guaranteed results. Aesthetic Prosthesis is widely used nowadays. Before replacement will definitely carry out sanitation of the oral cavity. Our specialists will carry out high-quality prosthetics, and if there are indications, painless removal of severely destroyed teeth. In our Center are highly qualified specialists, who have excellent training in the field of contemporary aesthetic prosthesis. A high level of staff training, individual and team approach to each patient, the use of modern technologies of esthetic prosthetics gives an excellent result of work and excellent treatment results.

In our Dental Centre has its own dental laboratory.laboratoriya_freedents_dentistry

Available at our Center Lab allows you to provide an individual approach to every job, because You cannot simulate teeth is the same for all. A dental technician is not abstract works, without seeing the patient, and in close contact with the doctor, taking into account his wishes, personality, age and gender, because You can change the image and emphasize personal qualities of the person. Between all aspects of aesthetics has a relationship, especially between the individual and the aesthetics of the face, teeth and lips.  For this we help previously made models of occlusion or photos where the patient smiles. Application of dental technicians of the microscope and the modern equipment of our dental laboratory allows us to produce highly esthetical ceramic, ceramic-metal and other high precision design. Our machinery constantly improve their qualifications and obtain new knowledge by attending specialized courses, seminars and master-classes, thanks to which the works are carried out professionally and efficiently.

What are Orthotics design?

Veneers ceramic v1296646629_2_3eneers-thin ceramic linings, which are used when substantial defects of the anterior teeth to restore and correct their shape and color. The advantage of veneers is that for a minor correction or to change the color of your teeth, usually do not have to remove the nerve, the teeth remain alive. Crown 9F529A1AB960-4tooth Crown is a “lid” from all sides covering the visible part of the tooth above the gum line and fixing special cement. In many cases, establishing a dental Crown is the only chance to save the aching tooth and significantly extend lifespan. Depending on the material of manufacture there are the following: metal-ceramic crowns 53DA1BDC84F5-4Crown porcelain fused to metal crowns have a metal frame, lined with ceramic coating. They are durable enough to be installed on the front and chewing teeth. Have a natural look, but over time may cause unpleasant about cervical sinjushnosti due to the interaction of metal with living tissues. In addition to chewing teeth in the area of hillocks lining may be gradually erased and the teeth appear metal point. Metal-free ceramic Crown meta68AD6F5AC123-4l-free ceramics perfectly mimics the natural aesthetics of teeth, besides a much lighter metal designs. Crowns are absolutely natural appearance, due to the lack of metal pass the natural transparency of the teeth. Mount ceramic crowns on the newest adhesive materials guarantees you the full simulation of the sensations of your own teeth. Bridges bridge sa2ru_news_block_1_33is a fixed prosthetic construction, reminiscent of the bridge, which is attached to the teeth using crowns, with pins, tabs. It can be made from the same materials and the same technologies and crowns. A distinctive feature is the presence of the intermediate pieces in the form of artificial teeth. It is used to replace one or more missing teeth. Removable densa2ru_news_block_1_36tures-types of dentures is that the patient is able to extract from the oral cavity (without the assistance of a dentist). Clasp prostheses

clasp prostheses is a type of removable prosthesis. The basis of bugel prosthesis is a cel’nolitoj metal frame. In the absence of a large number of teeth when there is no possibility to make bridges and implants for different reasons not acceptable, clasp prosthesis is the optimum choice. Chewing load in the presence of partial denture in the mouth are distributed partly to the remaining teeth, gum in the area of missing teeth. Prosthetics on implants-placement of prosthetic designs on artificial root (graft), so that you do not grind down healthy teeth under support in the absence of one tooth and make non-removable prosthesis in the absence of a large number of teeth using several implants. The following photos show the clinical case-based prosthetic implants. 30_23 Photo 1. Implants are installed and installed shapers gums. 30_24 Photo 2. Appearance implants with abatmentami. 30_25   Photo 3. The appearance of the finished metal-ceramic constructions in the oral cavity based on 6-TI implants.